Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style I

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Acquisition: Let’s Start Something New

Many of you might have noticed that I have been slacking off big time, so why not start something quick and simple and slowly get back in the game? For starters, I decided to skip my lame elaboration on the Weird Wednesday cards. And since some of you who joined the study group have seen my post about a song, and positively reinforced my behavior. I am going to find songs for little something new which I call:

The Sing-Along Saturday!!!

The songs I pick will be somehow/somewhat reminds me of an ABA term or two… and please give me ideas and you will be credited.

Well, of course I have to start with this song and do you know what ABA term I am talking about?

If you guess CMO-R, you got it!

Have a great weekend, people!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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