Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style V

Give it Another Shot

Have you ever tried something (food, music, drinks, visiting a place, etc.) and you were not so into it at first? Then time passed, for whatever reason, you give it another try. And guess what, it works for you the second (or third time) around!  This is how I feel about the song below:

Bet you can’t stop thinking about the song and the show, ya? I wasn’t that into it when it originally aired but now I really enjoy it. In fact, I watched the first 5 seasons very, very recently!

So What Term is it?

I’ll say it’s Stimulus Equivalence or operant conditioning. What do you think? Let me know, ya?

Shout out to Dr. D for getting me hooked on the show! (well, I might eventually get hooked somehow, but you did speed it up!)

To My Dear Friends:

I am sorry the results were not what you expected and I want you to know I care and I will do all I can to help! Y’all know how to find me. And yes, I am tracking down the ones who did it this time to share their tips… and I will post the tips here. My Dad likes to say, “how boring the story will be, if there were no ups and downs!” So YOUR story is not boring, and you will get to where you want to be! I truly believe that!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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