Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style VI

Bridge the Gap

How many times you think you can go from Point A to Point B easily and it turned out, much, much harder than you thought? (SURPRISE, not?!) Well, I always say that actually Point B is Point Z and Point B is just a little bit next to Point B. And yes, in ABA term, that would be more like a task analysis, right?

How I got to this topic? Well, I came from a “bridge” academic bloodline (and yes, that’s you, Dr. C), then I was talking to a friend the other day about some troubles (and that’s you, Bri E.), and then I was talking to Ann B. about cultures and bridges… so then comes this song:

What Term is It?

I am leaning toward avoidance (“I don’t wanna feel like I did that day”). What’s your thought?

And yes, bridge the gap you can I say!