A Darn Good BCBA, My Mom Could’ve Been

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yeah, and to you too, Thomas J.!

My mom is a wonderful, nice and smart woman, though she didn’t have much schooling (she did graduate from high school but she said she didn’t remember much at all…). She has always put her family in front of her, she pulls a Mama Corleone: doing everything in the house, and yes the Godfather is also her favorite movie. One thing for sure, she could have been a darn good BCBA if she got a chance.

Exhibit #1: If/Then

She’s strict (or what I used to call MEAN) to me and my cousins (whom she looked after at times) but she was also fair and consistent; nobody got away with anything. However, IF you do what you were told, THEN you will always be rewarded. Mom always made an offer we couldn’t/shouldn’t refuse. Wish we learned about the contingency contract and consent and we could back out anytime we wanted… where are you, Doc Brown?

Exhibit #2: The STARE

And then, there’s the STARE! It’s been years and I am definitely old/strong/big/mature enough to take on my mom but I won’t bet against myself freezing whenever she stares at me. For the longest time, I thought the stare was the very, very strong Discriminate Stimulus (SD), or even a Conditioned Response (CR). Well, it’s a CMO-R!!! That’s right, the worst is yet to come… whether it was a long lecture, complaining, nagging, or timeout/grounding… (my mom doesn’t believe in spanking, well at least, didn’t!) And her strategy was not learned, maybe that mom in Tangled was right: Mother knows best!

Exhibit #3: ME

Yes, I am using myself as an exhibit! I think my mom had vastly influenced me… I just never realized it. Well, becoming a parent really, really, changed my perspective! And well, the wonderful lectures I got from Jose, Behavior Guy and gang, opened up my eyes (and mind) as well. Hopefully, I’ll earn those 4 letters soon… crossing my fingers!!! That surely would make her proud!

Yes, it’s time to study, those behavior change strategies and ethics don’t crawl into my brain automatically…

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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