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A Partial View of the Milwaukee skyline at Dusk [credit: Getty image]

Dresden Goodwin of Milwaukee, WI


“Hey friends studying for the BCBA exam. My biggest study tip is to apply the concepts of ABA in your everyday life. What was my EO of ice cream eating behavior? EO= super stressed about upcoming BCBA exam…

“I also downloaded the quizlet app to my tablet and phone. Any free moment I had I was looking through the flashcards. It’s free and someone already made a great study guide for the BCBA exam.

“Feel free to message me for any other specific study tips. Good luck to all the September exam takers!”

Oops… did she just say SEPTEMBER EXAM TAKERS?

My apologies but her tips are still golden! You see Dresden Premarck-ed herself with ice cream… and how would you work your EO and AO? Let us know!