BCBA Study Tips XI

Here Comes AZ Again!

Ashley Mathie, another newly minted BCBA from Arizona, also shared her study tips.

Arizona (Photo credit: deege@fermentarium.com)

“I went through the ASU masters program that also included the certification classes. When I finished I completed the BDS modules to 100% and did some reading and studying as I went along. After I completed the modules I went through Cooper chapter by chapter and created notecards and organized them into groups of 5 chapters each. I took a group of 5 with me and slowly memorized them on my off time. I also wrote up a few study guides using the task list. I used my friends FIT quizzes and tests to review as well and must admit that program was probably incredibly effective for test prep bc my ASU program literally had zero tests it was all papers.

“oh I also used the Cooper website and did the tests there by chapter and completed several of the guided notes”

Mutlitasking Works!

You heard Ashley: Divide and conquer, exam prep, make your own study notes, study buddy, and pound the White Book!!!

Shout out to Ashley for sharing her study tips!

More to Come

Time flies! We are almost half way through August already and I’ll keep posting more BCBA exam study tips! For those who are studying, we are here for you. Questions you ask on the FB study group, answers you will get. And those who are Jedi already, care to share your study tips? Contact me, ya?

May the desired consequence be with you!

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