BCBA Study Tips XIII

Lobsters (Photo credit: Foomandoonian)

The Reason I Had to Wait

Remember it took way longer than expected for the results of this past exam to come out? I am not sure the relocation had anything to do with it but one of the reason I found out was this girl, she was one of the last people to take the BCBA exam. Yes, she scheduled it on the last possible minute. If you ever saw her, I would say she’ll tell you that she’s the reason we all have to wait and she will gladly tell you that I blame her on that too! Here comes… Ali Berg…

But hey her tips came fresh from New England… fresher than some Lobsters I say:

“Hmmmm let’s see…for Ethics I read Bailey and Burch front to back. I also did the bds modules to 100% completion. I read Cooper front to back multiple times. I studies probably a total of 20 hours per week. My best studying was done at the library rather than my house, so I spent most of my time there. I was also fortunate to work with two other people studying for the exam and had study groups with them once per week.”

Simple Does It

That’s what she wrote! ETHICS! Exam Prep! The WHITE Books! Library! Study Groups! Thanks again for sharing some great tip! It was worth the wait! Shout out to Ali!

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