BCBA Study Tips XVII

Study Tip from South by South West

Austin TX 1920 map
Austin TX 1920 map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As usual, I beg our newly minted BCBA to share their study tips, and today, we got Cyndi from Austin, TX

“Here’s how I studied: I read the Cooper book – making notes on anything I needed. I bought the Pass the BCBA review book and had a study partner come over twice a week for five weeks. We studied one task list per study group. From this, I made notecards on everything in the study guide. For any topics I had difficulty with I made additional notecards and taped them to my bathroom mirror to review while brushing my teeth, drying my hair, etc. I did the FIT Guided Review and took several practice exams. the weekend before the exam I spent eight hours with my supervision BCBA reviewing and taking practice exams. She then took my Cooper book and study notes from me and that week I took a break from studying except a quick review now and then. I was beginning to doubt my knowledge and needed a break from studying so I only studied occasionally throughout the week. I Reviewed the stacks of notecards I made one stack per day the week and weekend before. The night before I did nothing and the morning of I gave myself time to review my stacks of cards.

“I think the biggest thing is that you can overdo it with studying. I was beginning to get there so I pulled back quite a bit. I think that taking a break and realizing I knew the material was crucial for me.

“Thank you for your support!

“My name is Cyndi O’Toole and I live in Austin, TX. I am a certified teacher of the deaf and educational diagnostician. My day job is as a education specialist in autism and developmental disabilities at an Education Service Center. I took courses through Florida Institute of Technology and am interested in teaching verbal behavior. My current hobbies include crocheting and learning to live life through the eyes of a two-year-old boy!

“Have a great day!”

Too Much of Something is Bad for You!

As you see, there is a thing called OVER-STUDYING and Cyndi can’t emphasize that enough! Chill, you have more stored upstairs than you think. Just don’t overstuff it, ya?

Shout out to Cyndi for sharing her tips.

You got the tips, go hit the book, folks!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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