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Well, here we go again. This time we have Debbie Furneaux Swenson of Haverhill, MA. I love her mobile approach. Such a great idea. And this trick certainly fits our lifestyle… so yes, it will work! Just be careful of the copyright and privacy thing, ya?

Debbie Says

“I read and re-read the “white book”. It was like my best friend!

“I created power points on certain topics, which really helped with certain topics such as MO’s!!!

“On my iphone I recorded all of the terms, left time for me to respond and then the answer would be given. This way I could study anywhere: car, beach, working out, etc. It took a lot of time, but absolutely worth it!

“When I met with my supervisor, we chose a topic, I found a journal article on it and disected it! Then the next time we met, she would have me talk about it and ask me questions. This really helped me to apply my skills, get me thinking and learn to be more fluent!!! Which is KEY in my opinion! I feel like this is definitely what helped me PASS!

“Hope this is what you were looking for! And thanks for sharing!!”

Here is her intro:

“I live in Haverhill, Massachusetts and have been teaching for 20 years. I first started in the field at the May Institute, Chatham Ma. I currently teach a sub separate classroom in North Andover Ma. in a public school, for student’s with ASD and love every minute of it!

“I love going to conferences, reading journal articles, and hanging with my niece and nephews!!”

Let Me Sum It Up

Audio, mentor, journal club! Think and apply, don’t memorize!

Shout out to Debbie for sharing her tips and CONGRATS!

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