BCBA Study Tips XIX

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California Fresh Tips

It’s Tuesday again. This week, Jaclyn Nicole Connelly of CA cooks up some mighty fine BCBA tips.

“I passed first time taking it I studied this way: Completed all modules one time then went over my weak areas. Met with a study group to discuss tasks list we would pick different ones every meeting. Studied the book taking notes the week before my exam.

“My advice is to focus more on reading cooper, taking notes, and discussing theories so you build fluency. I do not think I got much out of the modules to be honest, I felt I comprehend more studying cooper. The actual exams language is more applied than technical which is why I did not think modules helped. I’ve been in the field for 4 1/2 years so my experience was also excellent and great supervision. Hope this helps!

“My name is Jaclyn Connelly I live in Visalia, California. I am 27 years old. I work for a private behavior intervention company in Fresno, ca. Called BICC of central California. I have my masters in marriage family therapy from brandman university and attended national university for BCBA classes.”

Shout out to Jaclyn for sharing her tricks!

Results May Vary

Well, while many of us are debating which exam prep is best/most suitable for our learning/test-taking style, Jaclyn stated that the White book and the actual application were far more important. Keep that in mind, people!

Congrats to our newly minted BCBA!

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