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Christmas Feast ABA Style

Hope you got shopping done. Here we have a mighty fine BCBA study recipe from Beth Leianne:

“My recipe: 1. What helped me more than anything, was going to FIT. The classes, material, tests definitely prepared me to think and respond for the boards. I studied all my FIT material (look mom! permanent products!) and revisited all my old ASR’s. 2. Cooper, Cooper, and more Cooper. Often imitated, never duplicated. 3. Cooper Prenhall quizzes online. Reviewed them and the guided notes. 4. Live ABA. I use the science everyday at my job, so I walked the walk and talked the talk. Conducting FBAs and FAs with clients on the regular, collecting, graphing and reviewing data, droppin’ mad science, yo. 5. Lunch time at work meant flash cards. GO SAFMEDS! 6. I tried the BDS modules. Shelled out the bucks, but had constant tech issues. Ended up frustrating me and I never completed them to 100% like many others. They bored me and EVOKED MY ANGER. *cough cough cough* I used them to discover gaps in my knowledge and then re-read cooper and my FIT notes in those areas. BOOM! I’m a BCBA.


“Plans are to do assessments, FAs/FBA/s, teach and train on how to conduct FBA’s, supervise students…thinking of making the move to some OBM type studies as well. Ps: I am also a snappy dresser.

“I am in Philly, YO. Hobbies: pilates/yoga, getting tattoos, and anything that has to do with Star Wars or Indiana Jones.”

Thanks, Beth Leianne. And congrats to another Jedi Master!

Happy Holidays, peeps! Come say hi here or at the study group!

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