BCBA Study Tips XXVI

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Tips from Northeast

Ashuelot River in Keene, NH
Ashuelot River in Keene, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dawne Morgan of Keene NH, an Analyst at a VT agency… her goal is to become a BCBA-D… let’s hear what she has to offer.

“Howdy, thanks! This was my second attempt at test. I knew I had to change how I studied. I knew cooper front to back and modules to 100%, still failed. I nearly ran out of time w/test, I wasn’t fluent enough, I had to think too much. I used pass the big bcba exam, they are amazing! They increased my fluency and my confidence, as well as content salience. I listened to video lectures in car, took mock exams, joined their remote 5 week class, made LOTS of flash cards, LOTS of visuals (schedules of reinforcement, compound schedules, IOA formulas, MO) and put them everywhere, and made MANY SAFMEDS. I had a study schedule and stuck to it. Rolled out of bed in morning and scrolled thru safmeds, and again before bed at night. In a nutshell I increased my fluency (you need it for exam, to be able to retrieve info quickly and accurately) and I was confident going in. YOU can pass this exam, we all can, we just have to find the right approach good luck!”


Failure is tough to deal but Dawne learned from it and changed her approach. Kudos to her and the Big Exam people! So how are you going to learn from this?

Thank you for sharing your tips and your journey, Dawne! A big shout out to this New England BCBA!

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  1. Mary Katherine Hawryluk

    I would love to know from Dawn how she was able to listen to video lectures in the car. I have this thought that if I could somehow dictate terms and definitions into “something” and then get the recording onto my iPhone I could then play it in the car and review during my long drives to and from work. But I don’t know how to accomplish that. If Dawn or anyone else has Ideas I am very open.