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Last One from Last Round…

Well, the results are out for the February exam… and it turns out I still had one more from last time around… so let’s give it go.

Bobby Gordon of New Jersey summed up his study tips in three simple words:

Cooper, Ethics, Modules

“Also for the ethics questions I heard of two general rules that were good to keep in mind: “what will benefit the consumer” and “what is least restrictive”

“Well I read through the cooper cover to cover. Even the glossary.

“I read the ethics by bailey book.

“And I completed the modules to 100%.”

Congrats to the Newly Minted BCBA!

I have been gathering study tips and I will be sharing them. If you passed the exam, and/or know someone who passed the exam this time around, please send me your tips and I will give you credit. Pay it forward, ya?

May the desired consequence be with you!

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