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Hot Fresh Study Tips

The latest round of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board had released the exam results on Skinner’s Eve (3/19… as the Great Yoda’s birthday was on 3/20)… I got a hold of a few newly minted BCBA and they kindly shared their tips… I will compile their tips and post them all here. The first one is Emily Muise of VA:

“Before you finish your coursework:

1. Keep track of areas that were problematic for you during the courses. They are likely to be problem areas for this exam too!

2. If they are (somehow) not assigned as part of your courses, read: Ethics for Behavior Analysts by Bailey and Burch, Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research by Johnston and Pennypacker Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis by Jack Michael

“When you start studying: 1. I used and highly recommend the FIT Guided Review and the BDS Modules. I completed the modules to 100%. 2. Do as many multiple choice style questions as you can. I think the biggest asset of the BDS modules approach is that by the time you get to 100% you have done hundreds of multiple choice questions. 3. For lack of a better way to phrase things, do your own studying. One benefit of facebook and other places is that you can collaborate and commiserate with people who are going through the same thing as you, but hearing about other people’s experiences may be rattling if you’re not confident yet. Focus on what you specifically need to work on and leave it at that.

“During the exam: 1. Plan to take a few nights off before the exam. Being well rested will be way more helpful than any last minute attempts to memorize things. 2. Test taking strategies don’t go out the window just because it’s the big test! Read the questions carefully, and read the answer choices carefully. Don’t be afraid to use your experience, especially on the ethics questions. If you wouldn’t be allowed to do something in real life because it’s unethical or against the law, then that answer isn’t correct!

“I think that’s it! Prepping for the exam had a lot in common with prepping for the half marathon actually.Hopefully this will be helpful to someone!

“My name is Emily Muise, and I’m a special ed teacher (and now BCBA) in an elementary autism spectrum classroom in Virginia Beach, VA. I went through the FIT online program.”

Prepping and Executing

Emily gave us her game plan, prepping strategically and executing during the exam!

Thanks for sharing your detailed plan! Congrats and shout out to Emily Muise, BCBA!

Update: Emily really knows her stuff!

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