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As promised, I continue to ask BCBAs to share their advice on studying the BCBA exam. Let’s start round 3.

This is from my former supervisor, Vittorio Matinata, Jr. He is the clinical director of Creative Behavioral Consultants, a non-public agency in Los Angeles. And here is what he suggested:

“I think the main thing is getting comfortable with taking the exam itself. You have to use critical thinking skills during the test.  Take all 4 hours that are given to you, even if you are a fast test taker.

I would go to the BACB website and look at the number of questions per content area and spend more time studying the ones that have more questions.  Also, as you go through the content areas, decide which ones you think you are weaker on, and start breaking down the subjects on what to focus.  Create a study schedule for yourself and stick to it.

I think it would help to read an article a week from JABA. If you have a group, you could each read one article and present a summary of it to the rest of the group.

I don’t have a full practice exam.  I’ll ask someone who’s taken the exam if she has links for free tests to practice online.  I think a website called quizlet has practice ABA questions, and it’s free.”

A shout-out to Vittorio for sharing his tips!

My experience with Quizlet

I used Quizlet (I searched the keyword “BCBA” for you already, just click) to study as well, I recommend you all use the “Test” option as well. I configured the test to be multiple-choice only but you can work on True/False, Matching and Written if you like. I also set a limit on questions at 50 (I did over 50 once or twice, and I found it a bit repetitive and too LONG). I see Quizlet as a good supplemental app for fluency (especially for terms and definitions). However, keep in mind that some of the answers are WRONG. For example, in one of the sets, the definitions of Determinism and Empiricism were mixed up. So proceed wisely, ya?

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May the desired consequence be with you!

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