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An Apply A Day Makes You a BCBA

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Here we have Tirtza Perl-Linden, LMSW, BCBA of NYC to share her study tips:


“This time I was really upset after the test I thought I got sure failed because I answered the questions not with my instinct that looked right…I went with the answer that wasn’t as obvious…


“I studied every day for only 20 minutes…joined Facebook groups…asked.many questions..read parts of the book again that I wasn’t so clear about…knew the definition s really well…all the differences between terms that were similar I focused a lot on that..things that were similar what made them different


“The FB study group was a huge help


“Main tip join a study group such as FB..check the questions posted everyday..and if you have the same question read the text for reference Focus on similar concepts and know what makes them different..compare and contrast definitions


“When taking the test..after you are done look at the questions again I found so many mistakes that needed corrections..due to me not reading it right the first time…take your time and every word in that question is important


“Btw I don’t really think it matters what study manual you use..most have the same information..just study it everything is important..have a study schedule..I studied every morning for about an hour..and again reviewed in the evening..when my brain got tired I stopped and I did skip days to give myself time to process hard concepts..so I didn’t jump around to much..I needed to know I knew a concept really well before I moved on to the next thing”


How Do You Like Them Apples?


Here’s Tirtza’s tips!  Make it your habit! Focus! Congratulations to Tirtza on adding more letters to her name! Shout out to her on sharing her tips!




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