Here Comes Shannon!

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Shannon Kazmerick of PA, a big hockey fan, shared her tips with us:

1. Read your books: Cooper, Bailey & Burch, Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change
2. Make flashcards/ safmeds
3. Study at least 10-12 weeks prior to taking exam. If not longer
4. Study with others ( in person or Skype)
5. pass the BIG exam manual (amazingly organized content areas)
6. Orlando Behavior Health/ Dr Weinberg for exam prep/ tutoring
7. stay positive and motivated… I took exam a few times and finally passed this Feb. I also owe it to this group and other ABA groups on fb for helpful hints and resources.

Read Your BA Books!

Like Shannon said, read your books!!!

For those who haven’t heard… I have started a podcast and I have asked many great BCBAs for their must-have ABA books… so check out my podcast… also, I am thinking about organizing small study groups… contact me one way or another (see contact page, ya?) Help me help you help me help you…

May the desired consequence be with you!

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