BCBA Study Tips XXXV

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Building Your BCBA!

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...
A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and sizes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patrick Roper of TX, another Lego lover…

“I used the BDS exam prep, working through the modules as recommended (worst and best first, repeat the worst module again last) and after taking the post-tests, re-doing each module again and hand-scoring (you can’t erase your scores). I read each Cooper chapter along with the relevant module and completed most of the quizzes and reviewing each chapter summary. I read through Miltenburger cover to cover, completing quizzes at the end of each chapter, and Mayer & Sulzer-Azaroff cover to cover. I felt as though three different perspectives on the same concepts would provide a more well-rounded viewpoint and hopefully cover the material in such a way that no matter how it was worded on the exam, I would be prepared. As for ethics, I read Bailey and Burch cover to cover. I created flash cards for each content area and studied those, removing the terms/concepts that I either missed frequently or wanted to assure I knew backwards and forwards and re-studied those as a group. I also reviewed quizlet flash cards for any content areas I scored less than 90% on the BDS post-test. I imagine I averaged studying about 3-4 hours per day 6 days a week for about six months (I was fortunate enough to be able to not work during this time). This was my second attempt on the exam. I hope this helps!”

Thanks, Patrick. Let’s schedule a playdate with the Lego soon?


Patrick accepted a position and he’ll be BCBA-ing soon!


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