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Jamie Rassin Yurasezeck of PA, another newly minted BCBA, shared her tips!


“I started studying 6 months before the exam, in the beginning mostly Saturday and Sunday mornings before my family woke up. It goes without saying that I used the Cooper book and all of it’s practice tests! I made safemeds from all of the vocabulary in the glossary. I used the BDS modules (which are excellent but completely stressful) and even at the end made sure I was at at least 75-80% on each module.


“I can’t say enough about the Pass the BCBA study manual. I will use this for years to come as it gives a definition and examples of every area of the task list. I also took the FIT mock exam and then had a private tutoring session with an awesome FIT instructor to review any questions I missed.


“This website continually has students posting questions on concepts, if I could not answer the question asked I would look it up for my own benefit. I talked the talk all the time- my sons can clearly explain to you some of the basic concepts such as behavioral momentum. (One of my sons (12) even told his teacher that she was using Negative Reinforcement to gain compliance and she got very defensive with him, not knowing the real meaning Remember the exam is material you have already learned-just become fluent! Good Luck! Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude!


“I am from Philadelphia- got great tips on here- pay it forward-Study tips for BCBA exam: First and foremost FIT rocks!! They gave me such a strong basis, which helped a ton!! It also helps that I fell in love with this material. I hope to teach BCBA courses some day as I love the science!”


If You Think You Can..


It’s all about your attitude as Jamie says, so what do you think you’ll do? Fluency! Fluency! Fluency!


Thank you for paying it forward! Congrats, Jamie!

P.S. Have you joined the group yet? I am creating mini study groups at the moment…

May the desired consequence be with you!


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