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Andrea, from Ontario, who preferred to lay low… shared her tricks with us…

“I started in approx October I went through bds right up until January I honestly didn’t study much at that time only did bds and probably spent too Much time on bds. I only studied one day on the weekends and for about 5-6 hrs but not very focused.

“As of January I started focusing on concepts reading cooper again, chapter summaries, cooper quizzes, used the resources on the fb group so endicott college quizlet to run through terms. Made cue cards but only things that still confused me not everything and to be honest didn’t review them much. I made my own notes but they were messy lol.

“I used someone ljaruse or something it’s always from the fb group was a suggestion on Evernote I Reviewed all their charts they made and read some supplementary articles. I barely had time during week nights mostly weekends and I took 3 days off work the week of the exam to go over concepts I wasn’t sure of.

“Didn’t feel confident going in and felt I failed after because I panicked and answered like 80 Questions in the last 60 Mins! So it’s really a crap shoot. Don’t listen to anyone who says u have to do it this way or that way just do what works for u.

“And I would say cooper is very helpful! The textbook and the better u can fluently know your terms it will be easier on the exam. But again I wasn’t fluent with mine. I didn’t do bds the way ppl suggested I didn’t study a certain amount of time didn’t make clear notes and so all I’m left thinking is maybe my group studying helped, bds helped and my past experiences.

“Feel free to ask anything else. Also if someone says don’t worry this or that won’t be on the exam just expect anything and everything can show up to prepare yourself.”

One Size Fits it All?

No way! As Andrea said, you need to find out what works for you and what does not! Just because it works for everyone else doesn’t mean it is your style! Spend some time to figure out what works for you!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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