Jersey Part II

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Tracy Honig, who shared the job post yesterday, also shared some study tips.

“I was asked to share some study tips and Im happy to do so. Passed the February exam on the first try. I didnt believe the results when I first saw it on the screen. I was a FIT student (my last class ended July 2013). I didnt start studying until December. I did most of my studying on the weekends, but Im not the type that does well with studying a little each day, a bit different than most, so a lot of it is about knowing what is best for you!

“Honestly, Cooper scared me. I would read it, and not really know what I was reading, so I sought out some different study methods. I signed up for the FIT guided review and watched the videos back multiple times. I found the instructors were very helpful in explaining the concepts. I also purchased the BDS modules and did them all to 100%, as well as took notes throughout. I also used the Pass the Big ABA manual. I found that very helpful as well! I read through it multiple times and made flashcards from all the terms. Towards the end of my studying (maybe a week before the exam) is when I went and did the cooper quizzes from the cooper book.

“I cannot stress enough how helpful this group was. I read the posts from others as well as joined in a few skype study sessions. It was beyond helpful to hear certain things explained by other people. I also tried to use what I was studying on a daily basis. If I was at work, I would try to put the work I was doing into the terms as I was learning them. I thought all the study materials I used were very helpful and would definitely recommend all of them. For those who did not pass this time around, or are going to take it for the first time, keep at it! This exam is not easy, you need to study a lot….but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Just keep at it. If anyone would like anymore information, please dont hesitate to shoot me a private message!!!”

Thanks, Tracy for sharing your tips!

Hit the book! Do the preps!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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