BCBA Study Tips IV

It Begins with Florida

A Florida navel orange.
A Florida navel orange. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richele Zvorsky, a special education teacher and part time behavior specialist for children and adult in the sunny Florida, is the very first newly minted BCBA to offer me some tricks up her sleeves.

Here is what she told me:

“I did not study the first time, I only did the guided review through FIT, so I failed the exam. The second time around, I read and highlighted the entire Cooper book, took guided notes, read through all of the chapter’s powerpoints and took all chapter quizzes. I also read the Bailey’s Ethics book, completed BDS modules to at least 90%, practiced with quizlet flashcards for fluency, practiced with paper SAFMEDS provided by FIT co-instructor and read through the all of the different files posted on the study group Facebook page. I created flashcards that corresponded to the task list and practiced with those. I also took the FIT mock exam 2 weeks before my actual exam and then reread any content in Cooper according to my results. I studied approximately 20 hours per week for 3 months.”

Talk about dedication and preparation! Richele got it all! Thank you for sharing your journey and lesson with us! That’s some very actionable advice she just offered us. Now go hit the books, my friends!

Shout out to Richele for her tips!

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May the desired consequence be with you!