BCBA Study Tips XLIX

Sailboat Races, St. Michaels Maryland
Sailboat Races, St. Michaels Maryland (Photo credit: Shawn Hoke)

Josselyn Guinan Ensor of MD

“Honestly, I didn’t study much. I’ve been working in the autism field for 15 years practicing ABA. I worked at Kennedy Krieger Institute as a behavior specialist, and I am now an education director at a private school for kids with autism in Baltimore. I did take Siri Ming’s practice course, which I recommend. She’s actually doing some of her research for her PhD dissertation with students in our school, so I’ve learned a ton working with her personally. Good luck! It really isn’t that bad.”

Another vote for Siri Ming! If you haven’t heard her interview… here you go!

Thanks and belated congratulations, Josselyn!!!

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