BCBA Study Tips V

Here Comes Liz! 

Liz Wielebinski, a special education teacher for teens with severe autism, and ABA Tutor in AZ.  She’s also a mom of 2 awesome kids and a wife. When I first reached out to her, she quickly agreed to offer her tips and we also exchanged our gratitude to the sacrifice and support our families made.

Here is her advice:

“I was working two jobs and have a family so for me it was to stay focused. I didn’t get home to start studying until 7:30pm, I would study for 2-3 hours a night and more on weekends. I read cooper before bed religiously, stalked the study group for new scenarios, did SAFMEDS with on my phone with the Flashcardlet app. I did well in the FIT coursework so I knew I had a good understanding of the concepts, I always go back to Corey’s model of figuring out what the question is asking.”

Congrats to another FIT Padawan-turned-Jedi! Shout out to her and her family! She’s a regular in our study group, so come say hi you will!

Sweat and tears, people! Let’s learn from Liz and use that EO to conquer it all!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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