BCBA Study Tips L

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Denali Landscape - Alaska
Denali Landscape – Alaska (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Finally we hit study tips no. 50! And no, we are not done with the February crop yet… but hey the more we read, the more we know right?

Liza Lindenfeld Ross of Alaska (check out another Alaska BCBA’s tips here)

“I took my classes from FIT, BDS modules over the two months prior to the test, and took the FIT guided review. I took both post-mock exams two weeks before my exam date and studied my not so good areas for a week and a half. The last week I took a few days off and brushed up on a couple of topics the night before. Taking that break really helped. Plus I went to a spa the day before to help relax before the big day!!”

Belated salute to you, Liza!!!

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