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Old State House, Boston, MA, USA
Old State House, Boston, MA, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carrie Chapman of MA

“I studied for 2 months: here and there the first month just reviewing notes and identifying concepts I knew I needed more time with. The month before we started 3x/ week for 2-3 hours and every Sunday all day. The week before we did evey night for 3 hours, all day sat, sun, and mon. We outlined the chapters and did the bds modules and found anything we could online.

“I think the thing that helped the most was test taking strategies. With this stuff it’s easy to read too much into the questions: use test taking strategies and don’t get stuck on the subtlety of the question:) ”

Congrats, Carrie! Rocking MA BCBA style, aren’t you?

By the way, here’s our very own, Behavior Guy, Corey Robertson’s test-taking tips!


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