BCBA Study Tips LIX

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Lauren Emison of CA

“Passthebigabaexam.com … This was my 2nd attempt. I would have passed first go around if I gave myself more study time. I only studied a month (many hours) but it just wasn’t enough time and I missed passing by 3 points! But the 5 week course I took with that program was phenomenol bc u get manual and videos. So then the next 2 months I had to study I watched videos and read manual over and over and started to really understand concepts and reading it concurrently with cooper. I made my own study guide based off of their manual while going through videos so I was writing then I used those notes to study and go through videos and just really made sure I understood everything. Then weekend before my test I took the weekend intensive …. It was a perfect last minute review but you have to be really ready for the test before u take that because it’s a TON of Info in a weekend. Put in the time to study and really understand concepts/definitions and how to apply them. Best of luck! I will use their manual forever!

“A lot of practice tests too which I would answer and then research answers for any I got wrong. U can do it! Put in the study time!

 “My second go around I actually felt like I understood and could apply things my first attempt I felt like I didn’t have a deep understanding but had simply memorized then I failed. Now I am a BCBA feels great. U can do it
“I started my career doing in home aba for ACES. I was concurrently obtaining my masters in school psychology while taking ABA courses through F.I.T online program (which I loved). I currently work full time for San Diego unified school district as a school psychologist. My second job is Still doing ABA in home services with ACES,inc. my goal is to bring ABA principles into the schools and move away from the current understanding of ABA as just “discrete trial”. I also have interest in doing parent training and teaching BCBA courses/Supervision.”

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