BCBA Study Tips VI

Wise Words from Ohio

Brianna Elsasser of Ohio (her hometown is Kenton, and yes, I asked her about Kenton and Canton) actually contacted me first; for some reason, her result did not post at first, which I suspected costing her quite memorable 4th of July. Luckily things worked out on the 5th, and she didn’t have to use any Jedi mind tricks or the mediocre “that’s how you talked to customer service” tactics to engage the board. But hey, she might get full credit, refund plus shipping and handling and more, you never know.

I didn’t waste a moment to congratulate her and ask for some advice. And here’s how Brianna put it:

“My job was the best way to “study”. I had amazing BCBAs to learn from first-hand and supervise me directly. So I learned the principles and ideas directly. I worked hard in classes to really make sense of the concepts and be an active learner, taking situations I knew and applying the principles. After finishing class in January, I was in the midst of planning to move to Manila, but that wasn’t initially to happen until late June. So I planned to study closer to the exam, and after the exam was over I would focus more on packing and moving. Then on April 1 my move date changed to May 1 and all hell broke loose. Lol I had to get ready to move and all studying went out the door. I took my CHH text to Manila along with my laptop, but wish I had taken my binders of notes from my FIT classes as I feel those would have been a very comprehensive means of studying. Once I got WiFi there, I paid for the BDS modules, not knowing ahead of time that I would only be able to complete 30% of the modules before the exam. I used only CHH prior to the BDS, and then a mix of BDS and the resources found on the Facebook page, primarily a list of definitions that I reviewed and made my own notes on. I didn’t feel all that confident going in, but came to terms mentally with the idea that it was okay if I DIDN’T pass, and that really calmed my anxiety about things. Worst case, I take it again, and that’s not that bad! I give the most credit to FIT’s online classes and co-instructors, and to my job where they practice the principles daily, they support those of us wanting to learn more, and they let me be a manager and learn learn learn.

“I also, per recommendation from a friend, paid for a mock exam via Pass the BCBA. They send you a much exam, then you have a 3 hour review online where you grade it. I BOMBED it. As in 40% on some sections. I was so freaked out. But then everyone I talked to said mock exams are all crap and don’t mean anything. Lol

“The mock exam was worded horribly, I don’t know who made it but I wouldn’t recommend it. I think the questions posted on the Facebook page were MUCH more helpful, as was the commentary people would post.

“I have friends taking it over the next 2-3 offerings and I’ve recommended the Facebook page to all of them. I think the resources, both in documents saved and people commenting/using the page, are really helpful.

LOVE FIT! They are fantastic.”

It’s Your Turn!

Great mentors, exam prep, white book, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! This girl traveled half way around the world and she did it. We joked about how the stars aligned and you just “know” (Sorry, Jose and Skinner, and other Jedi Masters) you could do it! Among those I listed, YOU can manipulate the ENVIRONMENT to your favor (and STUDY!!!) Isn’t this something we learned? You can do it!!!

Shout out to our girl, Brianna Elsasser, BCBA. Say hi to her in the study group when you get a chance.

May the desired consequence be with you!