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English: Coat of arms of the Philippines
English: Coat of arms of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here comes another overseas BCBA, Kathryn Millano-Mendoza!

“Hello everyone. I passed the February 2014 BCBA exam; first time to take it. I have Masters in Education with specialization in Child Study, undergraduate Psychology.

“[I] took FIT online course then another year for my supervised work. Purchased BDS module and had an intensive 2 months review (4 hours reading the CHH, journals and other related books –Ethics BB, old FIT study guidelines, online CHH then another 4 hours of answering BDS) when necessary I went back and watch old FIT videos. It actually helped me a lot and enjoyed watching Jose again

“As I work and make reports and speak with my co-workers i made sure I used the terms I read and shared it with them.
I ended my review with positive results from BDS Modules. Evenings are fun night and made sure my weekends are my off days from review. I ate cereals, apples, chocolates when reviewing under a tree (quiet green place) or in my office with less distraction. Kept positive thoughts and prayed really hard!

“I live in the Philippines, you can imagine how limited my resources are but… I did it! I’m now the first (last time I checked, haha not bragging here, just sooo happy!!!) Filipino based in the Philippines who took the courage to take formal study, training and passed the BCBA exam. Glad to serve Filipino families and other aspiring professionals.

“I especially thank FIT and their excellent mentors and my supervisors.

“For those who didn’t pass… take it one step at a time (like the song of Jordin Sparks) you’ll get there!”

Her website: piecesaba.com

Congratulations on your achievements, Kathryn!!!