BCBA Study Tips LXVI

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Cristina Garganta Carlson of AZ


“I don’t really have any tips for the exam. I studied… A LOT! I did 1:1 FIT, FIT mock review, Pass the BCBA, Modules, Cooper, Flashcards. I think the tutoring and doing face to face study groups helped me the most because I could ask questions. I really think that it comes down to where you took you classes… 100%”


Another Arizona BCBA! Yes Cristina used some exam preps as her MEANS to get to her ENDS… well goal sounds better… to become an amazing BCBA!


There is no easy way! Study! Study! Study! Ask questions, questions, questions!

The reward in this case, it’s a reinforcer, and ain’t it sweet?

Thank,s Cristina!!!


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