BCBA Study Tips VIII

Tips, Files, and the Kitchen SinkSuzanne Remington-Fox

Suzanna Remington-Fox, who went to the UMASS Lowell program and works as a director of a therapeutic child care program in CT. An active member on several study groups, did not hesitate to share everything and the kitchen sink

“If the exam covers the task list…then know the task list!’ And this is the method that worked for me – (I call it the Josh-Method, as he was the one who suggested it a while back). And yes, Anson, please share whatever you think will help others.”

Though she’s relatively new to the Force, she admitted that she had seen significant improvement in some of her clientele. “Gotta love ABA.”

Also, check out the study materials Suzanna kindly shared in the study group. PLEASE!!!

Dynamic Duo in Making

And guess what, her daughter is enrolled in the FIT hybrid program… a competition and a mother-daughter Jedi team. WOW! Imagine her daughter saying, “I am a BCBA, like my mother before me!”

Congrats and shout out to our friend, Suzanne Remington-Fox, BCBA!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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