Take the BACB Exam according to Behavior Guy

It’s May!!! It’s BCBA time! The BACB exam starts today until the end of the month. Work that EO (and in some cases, the AO), we can do it! I will sporadically (re-)post study/test taking tips from different sources. Let’s start with my main man…

Behavior Guy credit: Behaviorguy.com

Behavior Guy a.k.a Corey’s top 10 test taking tips!

1) read the question carefully twice.
2) read the question carefully twice.
3) Determine what the question is asking: what are you being asked to identify, discriminate, etc.
4) Identify the behaver- WHO are we focused on
5) identify the target response: what are they doing?
6) Identify the relevant variables: what are the key words, what elements are related to the target response, etc.
7) Is there an effect on future frequency of behavior? Increase, decrease
What is the nature of the consequence? adding or removing stimuli?
9) Play the 50/50: eliminate any answers that you KNOW (and can rationalize why) are wrong.
10) pick the best answer, and move on. Do NOT go back and change your answer.

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May the desired consequence be with you!

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