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Episode 9: Dusty Jones

English: a beach in maine on a clear day with ...
English: a beach in maine on a clear day with a sailboat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here Comes the Maine Course!

Well… let’s squeeze this one in before the month ends! This time we got Dusty Jones of Maine as our guest! He said a bunch of things that blew my mind!

Listen to his interview!

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Episode 8: Matt Brodhead

A partial view of Cache Valley, Utah, with the...
A partial view of Cache Valley, Utah, with the Wellsville mountains in sight. Partially overlooking Logan, Utah and part of downtown as well as the , as seen from Utah State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Matt Brodhead

I contacted Matt awhile back when he was about to defend his dissertation… well… now he’s a doctor! He’s in Utah but he’s about to move to IN… he’s a thrill seeker!
We talk business, t-shirts, Jack Michael, ABAI meetup and saving certain industry… one company at a time!
Quick Summary
Success: collaborate with local school district to build preschool and kindergarten classrooms with ABA service to children with Autism
Failure: attitude– ABA or highway… professional relationship at the beginning of the career
Book/article: “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carngie (and before the book question was asked…) and Surprise, Matt did not own the White Book before he got his BCBA, “Free Will” By Sam Harris, “Help at Any Cost” by Maia Szalavitz
Article: Laraway, S., Snycerski, S., Michael, J., & Poling, A. (2003). Motivating operations and terms to describe them: Some further refinements. JABA, 36, 407-413. 4.
Quote: none but check out his bloodline…
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Episode 7: Siri Ming

Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland
Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lucky me finally got to talk to the one and only Siri Ming.

Listen to what she has to say

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Episode 6: Justin Daigle

Louisiana map
Louisiana map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first ever Facebook friend, Amy (check out her study tips here on my other blog), hooked me up with a great BCBA in her area. This great find is Justin Daigle.

Listen to his interview! We talked t-shirt, ice cream murder, TWERKING and Duck Dynasty (and how many times did I say “there you go” during the interview?)

Quick Summary:

Success: “Pass on the love of the science” by training students.

Failure: Kids who are “still out there” without meeting their goals because they moved, ended services or other reasons.

Book: “Applied Behavior Analysis“, Cooper, Heron and Heward.
Verbal Behavior“, B.F. Skinner

Article: “Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis”, Baer, Wolf and Risley.

Quote: “Be a constant learner”

Check out his agency

Episode 5: Ann Beirne

Ann Beirne, Clinical Director of Global Autism Project

Listen to her interview

Summary/show notes will come… any volunteers? PLEASE?!

Check out the Global Autism Project website

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Quick Summary

Success: Supporting the success of others.

Failure: Not listening. Drawing a line in the sand. Being sure of something and going in with your own eyes ideas. Having an agenda.

Book/article: “Ethics for Behavior Analysts: 2nd Expanded EditionBailey and Burch
“Toward a functional analysis of self-injury” Brian Iwata

Quote: “It didn’t help me to know all the answers, it helped me ask better questions” (On pursuing the BCBA)
“Parsimony: it’s the law”
“Keep it simple”

Episode 4: Dr. Josh Pritchard

English: A blue bow tie.
English: A blue bow tie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Josh Pritchard of Florida Institute of Technology

Listen to his interview

Summary/show note will eventually come with your help? Please?

See what he’s up to? Go to his website

Quick Summary
Success: Small moments. Having a client with severe behavior reflect on their own success with behavior change.

Failure: Arrogance early in career. “Knowing everything” and later regretting what was said and done.

Book: Skinner‘s “Science and human behavior

Quote: “Hold everything lightly”
“The whole idea of science is knocking down ideas and building up new ones”

Episode 1: The Beginning

The beginning of my crazy idea…

Listen to the first episode

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