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Monthly (?!) Review: ANY Significance?

Long Past Due!!!


PAST DUE Rubber Stamp
PAST DUE Rubber Stamp (Photo credit: Enokson)




Is there still any social significance in this???


This post should have been written like, 3 months ago? Oh well, I didn’t have the EO for it and anyone can Premarck me?






1. simplify


I decided to make things easier for everyone and cut my sloppy elaboration on my Weird Wednesday cards… parsimony, no? And you have to do your own work and dig for the explanation. According to my mom, that would help you remember that word/phrase/terms, or our case, task list. And no, Mom, I stopped flipping pages with a REAL dictionary, your son is not lazy, just finds a more efficient way to find the meanings of the words.


2. interview


I was interviewed. Yes, me, imagine that… check it out (here). Boo-yah!


3. interview


Yes, I have been conducting some interviews too, and yes, slow but steady, if you want to know more, contact me PLEASE! I can certainly use your help, fellow students of the Force!


4. The Big Bang Theory


Well, I watched the Big Bang Theory when it originally aired. And honestly, I did not find it funny at all. And I started watching it and hey, it’s quite funny, though many of you know that they mess up the use of Negative Reinforcement as you see below.



Negative reinforcement isn’t what Sheldon has in mind, what is the correct term for it?






1. where are the posts???


I just want to make sure this one thing would never be checked off, guest posting anyone?


2. eye on the ball


Well, I define “eye on the ball” as “working toward small tasks that may lead to the completion/succession of a bigger task” in this scenario. For example, I did not write more posts, telling others about my interview, working on my little interview project, or say, read more ABA books and articles. It is what it is. Hope I can learn from it (and you should remind me too!).


I can go on and on… but think I can use my time a little more wisely… and YOU can bash me instead… leave some comments/advice here please!


Let’s Move On!




Check on me, keep me accountable and let’s see if I can come up with another one of these between turkey and ham!




BCBA Study Tips XVII

Study Tip from South by South West

Austin TX 1920 map
Austin TX 1920 map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As usual, I beg our newly minted BCBA to share their study tips, and today, we got Cyndi from Austin, TX

“Here’s how I studied: I read the Cooper book – making notes on anything I needed. I bought the Pass the BCBA review book and had a study partner come over twice a week for five weeks. We studied one task list per study group. From this, I made notecards on everything in the study guide. For any topics I had difficulty with I made additional notecards and taped them to my bathroom mirror to review while brushing my teeth, drying my hair, etc. I did the FIT Guided Review and took several practice exams. the weekend before the exam I spent eight hours with my supervision BCBA reviewing and taking practice exams. She then took my Cooper book and study notes from me and that week I took a break from studying except a quick review now and then. I was beginning to doubt my knowledge and needed a break from studying so I only studied occasionally throughout the week. I Reviewed the stacks of notecards I made one stack per day the week and weekend before. The night before I did nothing and the morning of I gave myself time to review my stacks of cards.

“I think the biggest thing is that you can overdo it with studying. I was beginning to get there so I pulled back quite a bit. I think that taking a break and realizing I knew the material was crucial for me.

“Thank you for your support!

“My name is Cyndi O’Toole and I live in Austin, TX. I am a certified teacher of the deaf and educational diagnostician. My day job is as a education specialist in autism and developmental disabilities at an Education Service Center. I took courses through Florida Institute of Technology and am interested in teaching verbal behavior. My current hobbies include crocheting and learning to live life through the eyes of a two-year-old boy!

“Have a great day!”

Too Much of Something is Bad for You!

As you see, there is a thing called OVER-STUDYING and Cyndi can’t emphasize that enough! Chill, you have more stored upstairs than you think. Just don’t overstuff it, ya?

Shout out to Cyndi for sharing her tips.

You got the tips, go hit the book, folks!

May the desired consequence be with you!

Social Significance: 4th (and a Half+) Monthly Review

Number 4 is LOOOOOOOOOONG Past Due!

Calendar Number 4
more like 4.5, or closer to 5 (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

I am sorry. When I first started this blog, I planned to have some consistency, say posting certain subjects on certain days. You have seen the Weird Wednesday and yes, Monthly Review… yes the keyword is MONTHLY. And I did not work that Motivating Operation well. I am slowly working my way back. Any intervention plan, my friends?

Let’s pick up where we left off from last review.


1. I passed the BCBA exam. I wrote a blog post about it. Thank you for your support. Many people have more faith (yes, let’s De-mentalize this later). Now I am working on getting my state license thing going.

2. I reached out to many newly minted BCBAs for their study tips. Most of them kindly shared their tips. (check out the study tips, please!!!) Yes, I posted some of them and yes, there are more to come, people. And thank you for sharing your tricks!!! Best of luck to your new journey, my fellow Jedi!

3. In some strange way, people reached out to me for advice. It was very flattering and such an honor to have people ask me on what to do and stuff that might or might not be related to ABA or BCBA exam. Thank you for those who put their career/life/family on the line to take my crazy thoughts!

4. I have been working on some other ideas to expand some of my silly, geeky, Star Wars-theme ways to spread the knowledge/power of ABA. The process is painfully slow (is there any other way?) but I think I am moving to the right direction. And yes, I accept donations. I will even take American Express, your American Express.


1. I made a bad call on promoting certain product on the group. I thought it might be helpful to others but I strongly felt that it was not the direction I wanted the group to go. Since then, I had made some policy on posting on the group. I will give a warning and remove the post and posters (am I using this right?). I think my Jedi page is suitable for other stuff… talk to me and we’ll figure things out. Like I said, I am working on other ways to help out/spread the ABA way.

2. I forgot to call and I cannot undo this… see Regret

3. not enough posts, DUH!

4. too slow, too slow… too slow on… just insert a verb/a project here. That EO is hard to control.

That’s it for now. Until next post?

I heard great things about Google+ and I just started using it. What do you think? Can you share your thoughts with me?

I will continue the posts on “Characters DIY” and “De-mentalize This”… you have no idea how many drafts I have here!

Comments, suggestions, advice are always welcome!

May the desired consequence be with you!

Social Significance: 3rd Monthly Review

Calendar Number 3
Round 3 (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

Here Comes the Third Round…

And no, I still haven’t done much but hey we had family visiting and it was fun and exhausting… and it’s different than my routine, which ruined my game! (Attribution: of course it is not fault!) Though I have to admit I have a lot to learn…


1. I fixed that “double tweet” problem almost immediately after I posted the last review… by tweaking the public setting… at least there’s one thing easier than I thought

2. I posted more posts… though not as many as I wanted but hey… I didn’t have access to internet for awhile and it is a vital part of our daily life now (not that I depend on it or anything) but it sure was difficult to type on my phone instead of the laptop.

3. Did I mention I was without the internet? Yea we moved around the block, no seriously I don’t have to yell (we’ll need to define “yelling” operationally) and my old neighbors can still hear me. Lots of packing, unpacking, organizing and reorganizing… but hey I found the camcorder with the desktop stuff; I always thought it was either sleeping with the fishes or lost in the dark blue tote. And where is that air pump now?

4. I reached out to a few like-minded people (bloggers, BCBAs, BCBA candidates, students…) and they didn’t find me too aversive! Hopefully I will build some friendship and I will continue to reach out to more people.


1. Not enough post… yes I shameless pulled the DNP (Did Not Play) card twice to keep my card-posting streak alive… well Wednesday is near… again… what to do? What to do? And yes, I am pulling another one this week! HA!

2. Procrastination… yes I think I am a master of it

Goals of the Month

1. Post more… silly character posts, silly card posts… or just news… and I have something more technical that I am working on…

2. Read more… yes the books… lots of books… think I should have a bookshelf on this blog… anyone can teach me to “build” one?

3. Listen more… yes my family will appreciate that

Same Time Next Month?

Comments, suggestions, advice and rants are welcome! Go on my page and say hi!

May the desired consequence be with us!

Social Significance: 2nd Monthly Review

Here Comes Round 2!

English: A calendar like a clock
English: A calendar like a clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, this blog somehow made it for another month. And I think it might be fun to make this a monthly thing, so let’s look at some of my success and failure.


1. I took the BACB exam… yes now I can take a break from studying and I can start waiting… and it’s still about a month or longer… (is waiting even a behavior?)

2. I got re-tweeted… I posted some BCBA exam study/taking tips and I am glad that more people get to see it.

3. Some of my posts were linked to another blog. I was quite surprised that happened and more people got to see this blog. And I learned some little trick to link to more articles.


1.Tangled… as my accounts (WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook) are. Since I linked them all… first I thought I linked my Twitter account to my FB page… but instead it was linked to my individual account (no one needs to hear MORE of my rants)… Just when I thought I had fixed it… now Twitter will strikes twice whenever I have a new post on WordPress… I think I understand the circle/cycle/loophole is… at the mean time, please forgive me for this minor technical difficulty.

2. The lack of posts. I thought I should post more articles… daily posting is just not for me and I don’t want to post something just to post. There is no point of posting trash here. I am, however, writing a few drafts and hopefully, I can share some of my silly/childish idea with you soon.

3. More tangled… I wanted to add Linkedin but I guess I am glad I didn’t… let me work on expanding a little bit on my very own Linkedin account before I make things more complicated

Goals of This Month

1. More blog posts (hope you’ll like it and comments on it)

2. Create some funny (at least I would think it is) cards

3. Reach out to more to different bloggers, like-minded educators, BCBA-wannabes…

4. Time management… yes I have yet to overcome the “new toy syndrome” and I can cut down on the time online

Same Time Next Month?

Those are some hefty goals and I hope to achieve them someway/somehow/somewhat… let’s check back next month and see how I do.

Comments, questions, suggestions?

Social Significance: One Month

First-Month Review

English: Wal calendar

Wow! It has been over a month since I signed up for an Facebook account. I had written a post about social significance awhile back,  and yes I still have much to learn (please be kind and offer me some help!!!).

My Achievements

1. I had connected with lots of old friends. Yes, I meant friends from high school, and this just in… my childhood friends too. But most of my “friends” are extended family.

2. I created a group, and a page. The study group was small until Behavior Guy tweeted and all of a sudden, the flood gate opened. In an hour, there were nearly 100 people joined. Currently there are 290 people in the group. Different topics/questions are being discussed regularly… which is not just restricted to board exam and BCBA-related questions (such as different programs, supervision). I had seen topics about food selectivity, liability insurance, and yes, religion!

3. I made new friends, FB friends. Yes, that includes extended family of the extended family, and people from my study group.

4. I give lives on a regular basis, well on Candy Crush Saga. You are welcome, everybody!

My Failures

1. study challenge… no I didn’t last more than 3 days… I think I need to break my study methods a little more… and yes I had selected a date and I NEED THIS QUICK AND BAD!

2. time with family (yes, the “guy with a new toy” syndrome) but yes, I recognized my problem and I am setting up rules to limit my online time.

Another 30-Day Trial?

Well, let’s match up next month and see how I do, eh? And yes, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Keep me accountable, people!