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Sing-Along Saturday XVI

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Where Do You Want To Live?

Many of you know that I used to live in LA and things can go quite crazy there. And the traffic!!! I still have no idea how Jack Bauer could save Los Angeles (and United States) some many dang times… driving to places to places WITHOUT ANY TRAFFIC… (“sorry the nuclear bomb just has to go off cuz I am still on the 405!!!”)… and not to mention the great cell phone reception. What carrier do you have again, Jack?

So That’s Where You Wanna Be?

Here’s the song for this round of sing-along:

Disclaimer: This video was filmed in Mr. Hefner’s residence, though there is nothing rated R but some people might find it a bit inappropriate or not suitable for work

ABA Time!!!

So what ABA term can you think of?

I am leaning towards Extinct Burst… since the singer repeatedly sings “Beverly Hill, that’s where I wanna be!” then he goes on some random ranting about he’s not good enough to live there…

So tell me what you think?

Podcast Help

I just put 2 podcast episodes on another blog (please don’t ask me why I did this… I can’t even remember… I am fixing it).

Anyway, I am looking to interview more BCBAs to pick their brain… so please help me out, connect me with the BCBAs you know. Let’s learn from some of the finest in our field, ya?

Also, if you get a chance to listen to my podcast, please give me an honest review and some suggestions. Help some liked-minded people to find my show, ya?

Exam Time It Is

It’s May, so it’s exam time! Work that EO! Read the study tips! Join the study group! You can do it!

May the desired consequence be with you!



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Sing Along Saturday ABA Style XV

Say Something

Relationships are hard… for everyone… when this song hit the radio station one day, it gave me an idea…

Say “Something”

Pretty, pretty sad song… So what is the ABA term you can think of?

I am going for echoic… and you?

Come say hi here, on Facebook, or Twitter, and have you joined the study group yet?


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Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style XIV

It’s Too Late…

Sometimes things just happen a little late, and they just don’t matter anymore. Bet you experienced that… and I give you this song:

Quickfire Challenge

So what’s the ABA term you can think of?  I say Ratio Strain… do you agree?

I need more song ideas, so please help me out. Credit you will get.

Connect with me on linkedin and facebook (search Behavior Jedi) , ya?

Don’t you forget the study group and my podcast (search Behavior Jedi on itunes)! I am editing one with the one and only Siri Ming, and yes, bonus you will find! Just wait for it, k?

May the desired consequence be with you!



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Sing Along Saturday ABA Style XIII

Band Wagon…

Everyone is crazy about this movie, especially this one particular song… and so why not ABA it?

Here you go:

Let It Go: ABA Time

So what ABA term comes to your mind first?

Negative Reinforcement (SR-) I say, do you agree with me?

Go play the song again, you know you enjoy it! 🙂

May the desired consequence be with you!

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Sing-Along Saturday (Special Edition)

Back I Am, Been Idle

Hi there! I am back… after over 2 months of retreat/inactivity or whatever you call it. I thought it would be nice to take a little break and get all my ducks in a row… then there went without posting a week, then 2, then 3… and a habit was formed…for the past few weeks I worked on ABA myself back and it’s been a bit hard to shape my behavior again… which led me to think of this song.

Operation Habit Change

Definitely one of my favorite songs, though I have less preference/tolerance in loud music. But whenever someone talks about habit, this song will come to my mind.

ABA Time

So what ABA terms can you think of? For some reason, Autoclitic really, really sticks out to me (the rhetorical questions I suppose?) And of course there are mands, mands, mands. So help me out here, what other ABA/VB terms can you think of?

Make it Stick

Keep me accountable and let’s keep this blog (and the podcast) up and running again, ya?

If you haven’t joined a study group on Facebook yet, here’s the link to a group.

May the desired consequence be with you!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style XII – LONG DUE!

Happy New Year!

This post was supposed to go live last year (well, Saturday, 12/28/13, was last year)… I wanted a song to start the new year… and this one seems to be most fitting… what do you think?

Tact & Mand

Those would be my ABA terms… what do you think?

Yea… I’ve been late… I need to get some routine going.. Any help?

May the desired consequence be with you!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style XI

Back-To-Back Posts, My Friends!

Like my previous post said, I am pulling a double-header today (I blame Winter Solstice and/or Bush!). Anyway, I had this song on my mind for Christmas for the longest time. I hope you like it!

Can You Hear What I Hear?

I sure hope you paid attention to the lyrics! This song has ABA written all over it!

The heart-giving behavior was not reinforced last year. So what happens this year? Duh! Give it to someone special!

Ain’t that Differential Reinforcement?

So, What Term Is It?

Come on! I just gave you a hint… that’s right! It’s Discrimination! No, not that kind of discrimination! Let’s talk about it here or at the study group if you like!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

May the desired consequence be with you!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style X

Dancing Baby

My little nephew is just about 10 months old and he never stops moving. He crawls, reaches for everything, picks up little things and puts in his mouth…

Recently, we found out that he likes to dance… to this song.

There’s another version you MUST check out:

Here’s My Mand

So, what’s the ABA term?

I am thinking Sd (discriminative stimulus)… because my little nephew only dances to that song… and every other song is an S⌂ (or well,  S Delta). Seriously, that kid needs to expand his horizon… he’s been around for almost 10 months!

Sorry for the delay… but hey, it’s still Saturday on my time! HA!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style IX

Operation Monday

Hope y’all had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah)… and the day after, and the weekend… and the food…

So with all that going on, fun, no? But are you ready for MONDAY?

That’s why I got you this song:

ABA Time

So are you thinking about the same ABA term?

Abolishing Operation? Me too!

Questions/suggestions/comments/song request? Contact me and we can brainstorm!

Now go finish the rest of the leftover food…

Credit to my friend, Natasha I. for the song.

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style VIII

Thursday is a Special Day

At least this coming Thursday is. Thanksgiving AND Hanukkah! And there are ONLY two versions of this song in my head that would work:

and this one:

(Disclaimer: these songs might not be the cleanest, more G-rated version…)

Drum(stick) (and) Roll…

So which ABA term am I thinking of? Hmmm… how about topography?

What do you think?