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Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style VII

Time Flies

It’s been 20 years since some band in Washington state came up with this song. In fact, the college freshmen were born after this band was disbanded due to some tragedy… (trivial question this is and if you won anything, I am entitled to half of your earnings!)


And when you talk about this band, this song is THE song. So let’s give it a go:

Teenage Years

Did you share those feelings when you were in high school? Hopefully a bit less dramatic…

Great song nonetheless. Even the barbers sing it:

Double Dose: What Terms Are You Thinking Of?

I would like to say TACT (stating how he feels) and MAND (lights off, people!)

What do you think?

Come check out this blog and say hi, share your thoughts on my FB page… and also check out the great stuff on the study group!

See you next week!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style VI

Bridge the Gap

How many times you think you can go from Point A to Point B easily and it turned out, much, much harder than you thought? (SURPRISE, not?!) Well, I always say that actually Point B is Point Z and Point B is just a little bit next to Point B. And yes, in ABA term, that would be more like a task analysis, right?

How I got to this topic? Well, I came from a “bridge” academic bloodline (and yes, that’s you, Dr. C), then I was talking to a friend the other day about some troubles (and that’s you, Bri E.), and then I was talking to Ann B. about cultures and bridges… so then comes this song:

What Term is It?

I am leaning toward avoidance (“I don’t wanna feel like I did that day”). What’s your thought?

And yes, bridge the gap you can I say!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style V

Give it Another Shot

Have you ever tried something (food, music, drinks, visiting a place, etc.) and you were not so into it at first? Then time passed, for whatever reason, you give it another try. And guess what, it works for you the second (or third time) around!  This is how I feel about the song below:

Bet you can’t stop thinking about the song and the show, ya? I wasn’t that into it when it originally aired but now I really enjoy it. In fact, I watched the first 5 seasons very, very recently!

So What Term is it?

I’ll say it’s Stimulus Equivalence or operant conditioning. What do you think? Let me know, ya?

Shout out to Dr. D for getting me hooked on the show! (well, I might eventually get hooked somehow, but you did speed it up!)

To My Dear Friends:

I am sorry the results were not what you expected and I want you to know I care and I will do all I can to help! Y’all know how to find me. And yes, I am tracking down the ones who did it this time to share their tips… and I will post the tips here. My Dad likes to say, “how boring the story will be, if there were no ups and downs!” So YOUR story is not boring, and you will get to where you want to be! I truly believe that!

May the desired consequence be with you!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style IV

This Is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…

Yes it’s that time of the year… when you spend a whole month to prepare for a few nights of costume disguise, gluttony, indulgence, Matching Law, anyone? (Oy, I just pulled a Shelton?!)

Well, let’s get to our song of the week:

My Trick (or Treat) for You It Is

So, what ABA term comes to your mind?

Intraverbal it is I hope! (Who you gonna call?)

Happy Halloween! And be sure to share the candies!

Donating a portion of it to the dentist or military families and others is a great, great thing to do!!! (Am pulling a Jedi Mind Trick here)

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style III

Sing Me a Graph

Graphing and charting are two of the very (if not MOST) important components of Applied Behavior Analysis. So, let’s give the stage to Dave and his gang:

But This One Had Darth Maul…

Not the best quality of video clips (the head on the side gives you the in-the-crowd feeling, no?) but it’s a shorter clip… and yes, Darth Maul is the reason I chose this one. Were you expecting a cheeseburger?

So Which Graph Do You Think?

I hope it’s the equal-interval you are thinking of? If not, why not? Share your thoughts with me, please?

Credits to Sarah R. for this amazing song, and yes if you are studying for the BCBA, it’s 7-2 on the list.



Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style II

In Honor of the Great Harvest Celebration

Well, I hope those of you who participated in Oktoberfest, are fully operational now. I give you this:

Ha! Got you, didn’t I?

I think it’s a tact with a mand at the very end (to get more). What do you think?

Share your thoughts here or on my page, ya?


I forgot to give credit to Christine A. for the song. My apologies, sis!

Sing-Along Saturday ABA Style I

Acquisition: Let’s Start Something New

Many of you might have noticed that I have been slacking off big time, so why not start something quick and simple and slowly get back in the game? For starters, I decided to skip my lame elaboration on the Weird Wednesday cards. And since some of you who joined the study group have seen my post about a song, and positively reinforced my behavior. I am going to find songs for little something new which I call:

The Sing-Along Saturday!!!

The songs I pick will be somehow/somewhat reminds me of an ABA term or two… and please give me ideas and you will be credited.

Well, of course I have to start with this song and do you know what ABA term I am talking about?

If you guess CMO-R, you got it!

Have a great weekend, people!

May the desired consequence be with you!