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Thank You!

Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you
Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

I started this blog roughly 5 months ago and I never had a chance to thank you all for supporting my lousy writing and my random rant, and other erratic behaviors. And for those who signed up their email to follow this blog, thank you, I really appreciate it… and wow!

Yes, I have been putting you all on a VR and I am glad some of you are comfortable with that. And yes, like I told some of you, the Weird Wednesday stuff is a little BCBA joke… my little Easter eggs…

I will work my EO to finish some of the posts I started, post more study tips, “actualize” more crazy plans in my head… eventually! But hey, at least, I get the “thank you everyone” part done!

More posts there will be… later… somehow… somewhat… eventually!

Thank you! 謝謝!

My Tech Hiccups

Sorry about my tech hiccups… I came across the great offer from Global Autism Project on Twitter and I posted it on my own FB page.

Signature of Dr. Seuss
Signature of Dr. Seuss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I left a note/post on the study group because I felt sharing a link might not be the most appropriate thing to do (well, slightly better than self-promoting but hey, it is MY study group!)

Anyway, so here is the link to my FB page and you can find the link to the offer. It will ask for your email address and it WILL direct you to a fee course (FEE and FREE, Dr. Seuss? Like it, he just might?) DO NOT FREAK OUT like I did! Just check your email and the instructions should be sent to you.

I am doing some self-monitoring on my internet usage, so let me know via email, twitter, FB, comments on the blog… I will answer them between Content Areas…

May the desired consequence be with us!

A Darn Good BCBA, My Mom Could’ve Been

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yeah, and to you too, Thomas J.!

My mom is a wonderful, nice and smart woman, though she didn’t have much schooling (she did graduate from high school but she said she didn’t remember much at all…). She has always put her family in front of her, she pulls a Mama Corleone: doing everything in the house, and yes the Godfather is also her favorite movie. One thing for sure, she could have been a darn good BCBA if she got a chance.

Exhibit #1: If/Then

She’s strict (or what I used to call MEAN) to me and my cousins (whom she looked after at times) but she was also fair and consistent; nobody got away with anything. However, IF you do what you were told, THEN you will always be rewarded. Mom always made an offer we couldn’t/shouldn’t refuse. Wish we learned about the contingency contract and consent and we could back out anytime we wanted… where are you, Doc Brown?

Exhibit #2: The STARE

And then, there’s the STARE! It’s been years and I am definitely old/strong/big/mature enough to take on my mom but I won’t bet against myself freezing whenever she stares at me. For the longest time, I thought the stare was the very, very strong Discriminate Stimulus (SD), or even a Conditioned Response (CR). Well, it’s a CMO-R!!! That’s right, the worst is yet to come… whether it was a long lecture, complaining, nagging, or timeout/grounding… (my mom doesn’t believe in spanking, well at least, didn’t!) And her strategy was not learned, maybe that mom in Tangled was right: Mother knows best!

Exhibit #3: ME

Yes, I am using myself as an exhibit! I think my mom had vastly influenced me… I just never realized it. Well, becoming a parent really, really, changed my perspective! And well, the wonderful lectures I got from Jose, Behavior Guy and gang, opened up my eyes (and mind) as well. Hopefully, I’ll earn those 4 letters soon… crossing my fingers!!! That surely would make her proud!

Yes, it’s time to study, those behavior change strategies and ethics don’t crawl into my brain automatically…

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Quarterly Review

Happy New Next 3/4 Year!

So how’s that new year resolution thing going?

English: New Year's Day postcard mailed in 190...
English: New Year’s Day postcard mailed in 1909. It reads: “A New Year’s Resolution / Jan. 1st / Good Resolution / Each resolution that I make / My conscience surely troubles / Because I find they always break / As easy as Soap bubbles” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s April, which means a quarter of 2013 is already history. I think it’s a good time to revisit the grand goals we set at the beginning of the year.

Here are some of my goals/things needed to done this year:

1. create a will

2. change my savings account

3. switch my 401k money to an IRA

4. apply and be approved for the BCBA exam

5. exercise regularly

And so far, this jedi has struck out. Well, 4 is pending… but the clock is ticking. No. 5? Let’s not even go there!!!

Are those listed above all behaviors? Well, yes and you know what that means? It’s all up to the behaver, and this case is ME!

Behavior Guy Says…

“Behavior…it’s what we do!”

Yes, there are things that are out of our (my) control but we (I, yes I) can still do my part and “hope” for the best. Let’s say if I wanted to win the lottery, I need to, at the very least, go buy that ticket, right? (In Missouri, the main reason to play the lottery is “supporting education” REALLy, people!).

Yes, sleep/leisure/family time… [fill in the blank] is important and it’s a major EO, or a huge SR+; however, the above behaviors/goals are equally important, if not more (for no. 1, Downton Abbey, anyone?)

So, let’s come back when it’s July and see how it goes, eh?

May the desired consequences be with me!!!

Exam Prep Poll Results

The Results are in!!!

[polldaddy poll=”7000247″]


I had just closed the poll. The results show that BDS was the obvious choice and the FIT exam prep was ranked second. I surely hope the sample size would be a bit bigger (c’m on y’all!) but hey that’s why the people told me.

Sorry for the inactivity these days, family and other stuff just took priority over the blog.

Hope all is well. Say hi here or in the group!

Keep the eye on the ball. STUDY STUDY STUDY

BCBA on!

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Easter!

I wrote a post about Passover, and now here’s a post about Easter… well actually Easter eggs… and yes, this was sorta/kinda inspired by a tweet by Behavior Guy, which leads to this (either someone from the game development team really liked ABA… or not). Anyway, for those who have no ideas what an Easter egg is… it is like a hidden message/secret code/inside joke. Some of the examples I can think of is in the Iron Man 1, Captain America’s shield is on Tony Stark’s workbench and Thor’s hammer in the end of Iron Man 2. These days you just have to sit through the entire movie (plus credits) or you will regret

Well, before I started to pursue the BCBA certification, I struggled mightily with my Master’s degree… I wasn’t sure which direction I was going… It took me a long time (6 years), a new location (moving to another state), and a new profession (becoming a stay-at-home dad, a topic which I would like to write about). I eventually finished my thesis with lots of help and I did 2 little stinky things to honor my professors and my family. Just don’t tell the grad adviser. Shhh…

We all have heard the definition of insanity is “repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” (wanna give proper credit but I am not sure if it’s by Ben Franklin or Einstein). In our field, we design and implement plans for behavior change. In my case, I repeatedly did the same thing for over a year (or two) thinking I would get done but I didn’t do anything progressive. I felt stuck/trapped/whatever word you could use… eventually I realized that a change, a drastic change, was needed. And viola! Here I am working toward my BCBA.

Yes, we can do it. Thanks and Happy Easter!

May the ham be with you!

What Kind of Change Are You Talking About?

Change happens

Change happens…

I put the picture up because 1) I wanted to play with the word, and 2) for those who live in the US, you can see a dip in your paycheck (hope it’s not forming a descending line…) as the price of [insert an item] is not getting any cheaper.

Get the Exact Change

You see, just “change” or “do something” isn’t going to be helpful/descriptive enough for everyone. BE SPECIFIC! Do you want the change (of the behavior) to increase or decrease? Different directions they are heading to but both are “doing something” right?

And how gradual (or some might even say “natural”) should the change be? I remember a story I heard in high school that some rich guy became homeless very, very slowly. The change took years, one misfortune/bad judgement/impulsive decision at a time that, even this guy couldn’t figure it out.

Or how sudden/drastic should the change be? I read something that Dwight Eisenhower used to smoke 4 (FOUR!!!) packs of cigarette a day and he quit cold turkey! Kudos to the commander but his strategy is not for everyone (anyone ever tried to quit or start something or anything?)

Say “I want my BCBA!” Great, let’s do something and do it gradually. And what’s that something?

Take Action

I created this blog, started a study group and I have been studying here and there a bit everyday. I am also putting my application together… slowly. In the past, I had spent too much time thinking and not enough doing. I still do that but I am working on more doing. The excuses are disappearing one by one (not enough supervision hours, the transcripts were not ready…). Yes, there ALWAYS things that are out of our control and we can only adapt the environment (“do with what you are dealt”) and perform our best. No, I can’t control when some little boy is going to get up but I can  swap my video game time with some study time (yes, my study challenge is very CHALLENGING). Hopefully, a little Premarck principle might do wonder?

Manipulate the EOs and SD, prevail we can!