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Weird Wednesday (?!) ABA Style XXIII

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: 1/365... not bad...

Another Past Due Item

Yeah… I have been a little unorganized lately… In fact, my current library status is DELINQUENT… I owe a grand total of $0.10 late fee… bad bad me… AO indeed!!!

Anyway, this is one of the measurements of behavior… go hit the White book and task list between servings of food and take a break from your new gadget…

Have a great weekend!

[yea.. insert some Star Wars-ish words here]

Weird Wednesday ABA Style XXII

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: The list.

Incidental Double-Header

Well, I really thought I scheduled this but with the weather and holidays I could have lost my mind… there goes my Weird Wednesday streak… Anyway, here we go…

What’s on your list?


Weird Wednesday ABA Style XXI

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Honey, did you forget some component?

I Mean Ingredients

Well, in a recipe… but when it’s in an intervention plan… it will be component, right? Make sure you have what you need to cook up an effective plan, ya?

But Be Careful…

Just eat it if someone’s cooking for you this holiday… and be merry!

Sorry for the delay… plate clean up me need to!

Go hit the book between food and gifts!

May the desired consequence be with you!


Weird Wednesday ABA Style XX

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Health comes first!

Health Comes First!

It’s getting COLD! Have you had your flu shot yet? How about little more good ol’ vitmain C?

Though our focus is on the behaviors, we must rule out physical/medical concerns prior to any intervention plan, right?

That’s only ethical, no?

Take care, my friends!

And yes, you can find my little podcast on itunes now… search “bcba” and you will find it! It’s not quite perfect but I there’s always room for improvement, no? Please check it out and leave me a review and help me make it better.



Weird Wednesday ABA Style XIX

Funny Thanksgivukkah Ecard: Let's agree that Thanksgivukkah means we can stuff our faces with turkey and latkes for eight straight days.

What a Coincidence!

Well, I wanted to do something with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah… so this is the one I picked. I didn’t even create my own caption this time!

Anyway, how likely is that both holidays lie on the same day… the very same day when my two otherĀ  “Mom’s” birthday is… Oy!
What are the chances of that?!


When you talk about chances… percent of occurrence comes to mind. Why don’t we go review the definition of this between turkey and pie?

Happy Thanksgivukkah!!!

Enjoy, play nice, travel safe! Don’t make yourself a SDP or AO or P+/- to the people you love!


Weird Wednesday ABA Style XVIII

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Rest? I need to interpret this article NOW!!!

Let’s JABA!

Our flagship journal, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, is a wonderful, wonderful resource for our journey on becoming a better Jedi. So do you have a favorite article yet? Remember we emphasize on visual stuff, so yes, that means data and graphs.

Please join the study group if you haven’t. And say hi and comment, ya?

Weird Wednesday ABA Style XVII

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Having the right pair of glasses helps you choose the right assessment method.

Choose the Right One

Without the right pair of glasses, you can’t see right. Without the right method to measure the target behavior, we can’t get the right idea and jeopardize the chance to create an effective intervention. Select carefully, ask the experts if needed.

Go hit the White book!

Sorry for the delay, been a long day, out of town.. that’s all.

(You can predict what I am going to say here with my previous record…)


Weird Wednesday ABA Style XVI

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Can't pay for your food or drinks. I am playing the Dual Relationship card.

Let’s Get Ethical

In our line of work, we meet people all day, and sometimes many families befriend us (uber nice people we are, not?) The only problem is, we are not there to listen to their life story. Not that we don’t like them, may I say, it’s business, not personal? (HA!)

And that’s why we have to follow the Ethical Guidelines given by the Board.

The Two Year Rule

Well, I am not sure if this is true but when I first started in college, I remembered the professor (or was it the lead therapist? Or the case supervisor? Someone DID say it) that because of the nature of the service, we have to avoid any conflicts of interest/respect and protect the client-practitioner covenant, so we have to keep our distance somewhat. The example used was that even if the family/relative of the client is THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, you can’t/shouldn’t date her/him for at least 2 years after the service ended. Quite dramatic, yes but bigger contrast, less repetition, no? (Yes I worship Pat Friman!)

So there you have it. Go read the guidelines and review the task list, my friends!

(You know what I say here… not that you “know” but my behavior in the past has indicated…)

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Weird Wednesday ABA Style XV

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Luckily, the dress code is enforced only every other 364 days!

Exception to the Rule

We usually dress for the occasion, and well it’s Halloween time, which means DRESS UP! If you ever dressed up, you had been reinforced one way or another. And maybe the reinforcement is strong enough to keep you wearing that silly costume!

Or Is It?

Maybe you never dressed up before, nor you ever will…. but when some little pirates, princesses, Yodas, Darth Vaders, and Jedi coming to your door, not many people can resist the EO to give them some candies, right?

Happy Halloween

Go have fun but don’t forget to hit the book, ya?

Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome. Come say hi and join the study group if you haven’t.

Weird Wednesday ABA Style XIV

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Face-Palm-ing is just an example of topography response class.

Thanks, Attribution!

I take all the credits that the Dodgers won Game 5 on the night I posted this and I give the blame to the team for Game 6. And no, I can’t do it without the good ol’ Attribution Theory! So, thank you, thank you very much!

Then Comes the Face-Palm!

Yup, that was my response to the scoreboard. A good topography, no? Too bad I can’t do it all day while studying for the BCBA exam or doing ABA stuff (yes, I can see you nodding).

Location, Location, Location

So what if your palm isn’t placed on your face? Well, then it ain’t face-palm-ing no more, is it? So again, go hit the White book and learn about what we just talked about!

By the way, can anyone lend me $6 for a World Series ticket?

May the desired consequence be with you!