Failure = AO? (Pic Updated)

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Master Yoda - origami.

I think I am applying to sit for the exam. I think I am scared. I think I am procrastinating…

I have been studying but the thought of actually filling out the application is kinda intimidating. I finally got on the website and then for whatever reason the site shut me down. That gave me a moment to think. And thinking was exactly what I didn’t need. Behavioral momentum was just gone. In came lots of “what-ifs” and “maybes” which I might or might not tackle after this post… (of course I will… eventually!)

So how are y’all doing? All signed up for the May exam? Still getting the supervision hours? Please share with me.

Oh… if you got a moment, go on to Facebook and check out the study group I created, Students of Applied Behavior Analysis,

I will post some advice from a brand new BCBA, Lukin Murphy (a big shout-out to his support and encouragement!) on the study group.

Do or Do not…