BCBA Study Group, FB Concession

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For years I fought to not join Facebook… and I lost. Now my wife finally can do these:

1)say that she’s married to some BCBA-wannabe

2)defriend half the people she never met

When I was telling several people about my desire to start a study group on a blog, and I could not figure out the best way to tackle my ideas to study and yelp… that was until Behavior Guy suggested me to start a study group on Facebook, so here I am.. a few moments from signing up for an account.

Alright, I will get things organized and get the ball rolling.

Be patient with me… I am learning how to post/link/do more stuff on my blog (i.e. showing you how great Behavior Guy’s blog is!)

A FB study group, I will start!