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As I mentioned on a previous post, there are changes coming. Every now and then someone would ask, “where is the BEST school for ABA?” in the study group… and you have no idea how many suggestions I get on how to tackle that… and I have been thinking to make sure the focus of the group is on Applied Behavior Analysis, not just BCBA, or BACB. So, I have decided to create new categories for BCBA/BACB-related posts. I will start with the Best School ones and I will add Best Prep soon.

Since I went to FIT. It will be the first featured school.

FIT: Florida Institute of Technology

I already got my Master’s degree already when I decided to become a BCBA, so I needed something that was

1) fast (as the program would start as soon as possible)

2) online (I was not keen on going anywhere… homebody, anyone?)

3) affordable (education is an investment… True but it is still money)

to complete the BACB requirement. I looked at the BACB website and I found a few programs that met my needs but FIT stood out. Shortly after I decided to apply for the program. The staffers, led by Ms. Beverly Strickland, at the FIT ABA program did their best to help me with the application, technical support, financial aid… you name it, and they would help you! I am not kidding, they are dedicated to help you any way they can!

It is an online program, so there are certain amount of video lectures students have to catch up each week. Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz keeps it educational yet entertaining! He is BEYOND great!!! The examples he uses are just so simple and everyday! He is passionate about teaching and helping others! You just have to see it to believe it! It was such an honor to meet him in person at Chicago!

Wait, so you are worried that there’s a lack of interaction because FIT is 100% online? There are weekly meetings you must attend and the co-instructors are more than prepared to walk you through the course and answer any questions you throw at them! Some of the co-instructors are products of FIT themselves!!!

In fact, many of them are in the aforementioned study group on Facebook! Corey Robertson, aka Behavior Guy, is the one who gave me the idea to start the group. They are dedicated to spread the knowledge of ABA!

Well, I hope this is a good way to start something new and more schools will be featured soon. Friends, if you want to give your schools a shout-out, please let me know and I will be more than happy to do so. And yes, exam prep suggestions, anyone?

I believe this is better than seeing “where is the best ABA school” in the group every other day, no?

More to come! Stay tuned!

May the desired consequence be with you!