Getting My BCBA I Am, Are You?

In January, I wrapped up my online courses for the BCBA requirements. I am currently racking up my experience (supervision) hours and getting my stuff together for the board exam in May (hopefully… CROSSING MY FINGERS…).

The BACB has released the 4th edition task list, which will be used in 2015… which means current candidates should pay attention and HURRY UP before changes apply (different and/or additional requirements)!!!

As URGENT as it is, I have been doing what I do best.. PROCRASTINATING… I am using some Premarck Principle on myself. I am reading my study guides and the White book. What and how are you doing to study? Anyone using mock exam prep? Let’s share some tips!

4 thoughts on “Getting My BCBA I Am, Are You?”

  1. Reading a half hour per day, one behavioral book at a time. Started with cooper, then ethics, now functional analysis for lasting change. I will keep going like this until the test. Hopefully this works!

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