What Kind of Change Are You Talking About?

Change happens

Change happens…

I put the picture up because 1) I wanted to play with the word, and 2) for those who live in the US, you can see a dip in your paycheck (hope it’s not forming a descending line…) as the price of [insert an item] is not getting any cheaper.

Get the Exact Change

You see, just “change” or “do something” isn’t going to be helpful/descriptive enough for everyone. BE SPECIFIC! Do you want the change (of the behavior) to increase or decrease? Different directions they are heading to but both are “doing something” right?

And how gradual (or some might even say “natural”) should the change be? I remember a story I heard in high school that some rich guy became homeless very, very slowly. The change took years, one misfortune/bad judgement/impulsive decision at a time that, even this guy couldn’t figure it out.

Or how sudden/drastic should the change be? I read something that Dwight Eisenhower used to smoke 4 (FOUR!!!) packs of cigarette a day and he quit cold turkey! Kudos to the commander but his strategy is not for everyone (anyone ever tried to quit or start something or anything?)

Say “I want my BCBA!” Great, let’s do something and do it gradually. And what’s that something?

Take Action

I created this blog, started a study group and I have been studying here and there a bit everyday. I am also putting my application together… slowly. In the past, I had spent too much time thinking and not enough doing. I still do that but I am working on more doing. The excuses are disappearing one by one (not enough supervision hours, the transcripts were not ready…). Yes, there ALWAYS things that are out of our control and we can only adapt the environment (“do with what you are dealt”) and perform our best. No, I can’t control when some little boy is going to get up but I canĀ  swap my video game time with some study time (yes, my study challenge is very CHALLENGING). Hopefully, a little Premarck principle might do wonder?

Manipulate the EOs and SD, prevail we can!