Master Skinner, Happy Birthday! (Updated)

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B. F. Skinner
Our Yoda B.F. Skinner is? (Photo credit: Laura B. Dahl)

My fellow Jedi, today is a great day. Our great master (Yoda?) was born this day in 1904. We won’t be quite radical or verbal without his contribution. A little Psych 101 here but he’s the one that makes Palvov’s dog do more than just drooling. For more info, please click on this post from the BF Skinner foundation.

This also gets me thinking about the history of this field… and what I call, my ABA lineage. Obviously, Yoda, I mean Skinner has influenced all of us. So he’s always with us. Then there are different Jedi schools/regions (i.e. KU, Michigan, West Virginia, Arizona…). Well, I was one of the lucky ones who got to attend Lovaas’s lecture. Though I went a slightly different direction with the Lovaas way, I do think I am from his line.

And then there’s my current schooling: the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) bloodline: the ABA guru, Jose Martinez-Diaz, and Behavior Guy (Corey Robertson) and other great co-instructors.

I am going to get this lineage all drawn up one day. What characters do you think your mentors/instructors are?

What’s your ABA lineage?