Social Significance: 2nd Monthly Review

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Here Comes Round 2!

English: A calendar like a clock
English: A calendar like a clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, this blog somehow made it for another month. And I think it might be fun to make this a monthly thing, so let’s look at some of my success and failure.


1. I took the BACB exam… yes now I can take a break from studying and I can start waiting… and it’s still about a month or longer… (is waiting even a behavior?)

2. I got re-tweeted… I posted some BCBA exam study/taking tips and I am glad that more people get to see it.

3. Some of my posts were linked to another blog. I was quite surprised that happened and more people got to see this blog. And I learned some little trick to link to more articles.


1.Tangled… as my accounts (WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook) are. Since I linked them all… first I thought I linked my Twitter account to my FB page… but instead it was linked to my individual account (no one needs to hear MORE of my rants)… Just when I thought I had fixed it… now Twitter will strikes twice whenever I have a new post on WordPress… I think I understand the circle/cycle/loophole is… at the mean time, please forgive me for this minor technical difficulty.

2. The lack of posts. I thought I should post more articles… daily posting is just not for me and I don’t want to post something just to post. There is no point of posting trash here. I am, however, writing a few drafts and hopefully, I can share some of my silly/childish idea with you soon.

3. More tangled… I wanted to add Linkedin but I guess I am glad I didn’t… let me work on expanding a little bit on my very own Linkedin account before I make things more complicated

Goals of This Month

1. More blog posts (hope you’ll like it and comments on it)

2. Create some funny (at least I would think it is) cards

3. Reach out to more to different bloggers, like-minded educators, BCBA-wannabes…

4. Time management… yes I have yet to overcome the “new toy syndrome” and I can cut down on the time online

Same Time Next Month?

Those are some hefty goals and I hope to achieve them someway/somehow/somewhat… let’s check back next month and see how I do.

Comments, questions, suggestions?

3 Responses

  1. Ana

    Hi there, now that you’ve completed the exam is there anything that you would have done different (study sites, guides, method of studing) in preparing?

    I’ve been preparing for the exam and have received many conflicting suggestions on how to prepare so I’d love to get some pointers from someone that has recently taken the exam. 🙂

    • behaviorjedi

      It’s hard to say… But I would definitely spend more time with the white book on experimental designs. I like to say my feelings are subjective… So don’t let it bother you.

      And don’t let others distract you! This is not a good time to break your habits (don’t mess with the SR+ history now!)… Study the way you have most success! It’s not time to cramp or panic! Breathe! You have mastered more than you think!