Social Significance: 3rd Monthly Review

Calendar Number 3
Round 3 (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

Here Comes the Third Round…

And no, I still haven’t done much but hey we had family visiting and it was fun and exhausting… and it’s different than my routine, which ruined my game! (Attribution: of course it is not fault!) Though I have to admit I have a lot to learn…


1. I fixed that “double tweet” problem almost immediately after I posted the last review… by tweaking the public setting… at least there’s one thing easier than I thought

2. I posted more posts… though not as many as I wanted but hey… I didn’t have access to internet for awhile and it is a vital part of our daily life now (not that I depend on it or anything) but it sure was difficult to type on my phone instead of the laptop.

3. Did I mention I was without the internet? Yea we moved around the block, no seriously I don’t have to yell (we’ll need to define “yelling” operationally) and my old neighbors can still hear me. Lots of packing, unpacking, organizing and reorganizing… but hey I found the camcorder with the desktop stuff; I always thought it was either sleeping with the fishes or lost in the dark blue tote. And where is that air pump now?

4. I reached out to a few like-minded people (bloggers, BCBAs, BCBA candidates, students…) and they didn’t find me too aversive! Hopefully I will build some friendship and I will continue to reach out to more people.


1. Not enough post… yes I shameless pulled the DNP (Did Not Play) card twice to keep my card-posting streak alive… well Wednesday is near… again… what to do? What to do? And yes, I am pulling another one this week! HA!

2. Procrastination… yes I think I am a master of it

Goals of the Month

1. Post more… silly character posts, silly card posts… or just news… and I have something more technical that I am working on…

2. Read more… yes the books… lots of books… think I should have a bookshelf on this blog… anyone can teach me to “build” one?

3. Listen more… yes my family will appreciate that

Same Time Next Month?

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May the desired consequence be with us!

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