Social Significance: 4th (and a Half+) Monthly Review

Number 4 is LOOOOOOOOOONG Past Due!

Calendar Number 4
more like 4.5, or closer to 5 (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

I am sorry. When I first started this blog, I planned to have some consistency, say posting certain subjects on certain days. You have seen the Weird Wednesday and yes, Monthly Review… yes the keyword is MONTHLY. And I did not work that Motivating Operation well. I am slowly working my way back. Any intervention plan, my friends?

Let’s pick up where we left off from last review.


1. I passed the BCBA exam. I wrote a blog post about it. Thank you for your support. Many people have more faith (yes, let’s De-mentalize this later). Now I am working on getting my state license thing going.

2. I reached out to many newly minted BCBAs for their study tips. Most of them kindly shared their tips. (check out the study tips, please!!!) Yes, I posted some of them and yes, there are more to come, people. And thank you for sharing your tricks!!! Best of luck to your new journey, my fellow Jedi!

3. In some strange way, people reached out to me for advice. It was very flattering and such an honor to have people ask me on what to do and stuff that might or might not be related to ABA or BCBA exam. Thank you for those who put their career/life/family on the line to take my crazy thoughts!

4. I have been working on some other ideas to expand some of my silly, geeky, Star Wars-theme ways to spread the knowledge/power of ABA. The process is painfully slow (is there any other way?) but I think I am moving to the right direction. And yes, I accept donations. I will even take American Express, your American Express.


1. I made a bad call on promoting certain product on the group. I thought it might be helpful to others but I strongly felt that it was not the direction I wanted the group to go. Since then, I had made some policy on posting on the group. I will give a warning and remove the post and posters (am I using this right?). I think my Jedi page is suitable for other stuff… talk to me and we’ll figure things out. Like I said, I am working on other ways to help out/spread the ABA way.

2. I forgot to call and I cannot undo this… see Regret

3. not enough posts, DUH!

4. too slow, too slow… too slow on… just insert a verb/a project here. That EO is hard to control.

That’s it for now. Until next post?

I heard great things about Google+ and I just started using it. What do you think? Can you share your thoughts with me?

I will continue the posts on “Characters DIY” and “De-mentalize This”… you have no idea how many drafts I have here!

Comments, suggestions, advice are always welcome!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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