Monthly (?!) Review: ANY Significance?

Long Past Due!!!


PAST DUE Rubber Stamp
PAST DUE Rubber Stamp (Photo credit: Enokson)




Is there still any social significance in this???


This post should have been written like, 3 months ago? Oh well, I didn’t have the EO for it and anyone can Premarck me?






1. simplify


I decided to make things easier for everyone and cut my sloppy elaboration on my Weird Wednesday cards… parsimony, no? And you have to do your own work and dig for the explanation. According to my mom, that would help you remember that word/phrase/terms, or our case, task list. And no, Mom, I stopped flipping pages with a REAL dictionary, your son is not lazy, just finds a more efficient way to find the meanings of the words.


2. interview


I was interviewed. Yes, me, imagine that… check it out (here). Boo-yah!


3. interview


Yes, I have been conducting some interviews too, and yes, slow but steady, if you want to know more, contact me PLEASE! I can certainly use your help, fellow students of the Force!


4. The Big Bang Theory


Well, I watched the Big Bang Theory when it originally aired. And honestly, I did not find it funny at all. And I started watching it and hey, it’s quite funny, though many of you know that they mess up the use of Negative Reinforcement as you see below.



Negative reinforcement isn’t what Sheldon has in mind, what is the correct term for it?






1. where are the posts???


I just want to make sure this one thing would never be checked off, guest posting anyone?


2. eye on the ball


Well, I define “eye on the ball” as “working toward small tasks that may lead to the completion/succession of a bigger task” in this scenario. For example, I did not write more posts, telling others about my interview, working on my little interview project, or say, read more ABA books and articles. It is what it is. Hope I can learn from it (and you should remind me too!).


I can go on and on… but think I can use my time a little more wisely… and YOU can bash me instead… leave some comments/advice here please!


Let’s Move On!




Check on me, keep me accountable and let’s see if I can come up with another one of these between turkey and ham!




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  1. No bashing needed – I think you are underestimating the social significance of your blog and the study group! I really enjoy the BCBA study tip posts and the fact that the study group is so active online. Thanks for making these resources available!!

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