My BCBA, Study Challenge, Yes?

This thing I want so BAD!!!

I know (well, knowing is not a behavior), well, I realized that I have been slacking mightily and I need to study for the exam (though I have yet to apply officially). I am sure my EO is high on this one and I am challenging myself to study everyday.

Here’s my game plan:

30+ minutes of study guide /the White book

2 x SAFMED (Say All Fast a Minute Every Day Shuffled) Let me know if anyone needs help looking for some..

Do it I can?

Anyone game?

Oh yeah, let me give a shout-out to my mentor, Behavior Guy, “May the Environment Be With You!”

4 thoughts on “My BCBA, Study Challenge, Yes?”

  1. Having a solid study plan is very important – the exam is not easy. I studied for 1.5 hours a day for 6 months after I finished my coursework at FIT. I highly recommend that you read the Self-Management section of Cooper – it is important material for the exam, but more importantly use it is a guide to manipulate the contingencies surrounding your studying behavior.

    I used a checklist that was posted in my house which required that I use SAFMEDS, take notes of Cooper, and finish two Behavior Development Solutions modules each day. I wouldn’t let myself go to bed before checking off those items. Also, Quizlet has some excellent flashcard sets that you can use from your computer or smartphone as SAFMEDS.

    Remember that the outcome of effective studying is passing the exam, but this is so far removed that it is not an effective reinforcer. This makes studying a “rule-governed” behavior. Rules aren’t always effective in maintaining high-effort behaviors, so arrange the contingencies in your environment to provide adequate reinforcement for your study behavior! Reward yourself and share your data publicly – whatever leads to increases in the target behavior.

    It is worth the effort – stick with it!

    1. Thanks, Lukin. I am all about Premarck-ing myself. And like you said, with my past reinforcement schedule, I need other people to keep me accountable. I think creating a blog and starting a study group would REALLY, REALLY put me in a good/bad place.
      Thanks again, man!

    1. Good luck, Lindsey! I am currently in the waiting stage! Lots of DRO projects! Have you looked at the study tips? I will post more shortly. Be sure to check back or follow!

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