Thank you for visiting my new site…

Initially I wanted to use this blog to help myself and others prepare for the BACB exam… until I realized doing so would limit the other directions I wanted to go. So I decided to have this blog served as a platform to share opinions and ideas on ABA-related topics, classroom management, parenting tips, even funny/silly stuff about the profession and behaviorism.

And then there’s the name… As much as I like Star Wars… the name Simple ABA makes more sense… so there you have it. Behavior Jedi is dead but Behavior Jedi still lives…

Here’s how I break down this website:

  • For study tips, look up “BCBA” or “How-to” tags
  • For my podcast, look up “BCBA interview” tag
  • And just click on different tags or categories…

Any ideas, suggestions, criticism are welcome.

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